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Meatlery Chicken Shop by Anthoneys Farms

Bringing excellence and uniqueness, in 2022 Meatlery launched as an Anthoney’s subsidiary, allowing Anthoney’s to vertically integrate and pursue further growth. We are focused on the best taste and serve the best quality meat to your plate. We offer a broad selection of chicken, beef, mutton, pork, sausages, eggs, sauces, spices and more. We provide customers the premium brand experience from both imported and domestic meat at our one stop shop, with freshness and local presence. At all times, Meatlery provides exclusive customer service to ensure the total satisfaction of meat lovers.

Anthoney’s Feeds

In 2022, New Anthoney’s Farms Pvt Ltd achieved a significant expansion by acquiring Gold Coin Feed Mills (Lanka), establishing Anthoney’s Feed Mills. This strategic move has transformed New Anthoney’s into a fully-integrated poultry player in Sri Lanka, with complete control over the entire manufacturing process. This integration empowers them to enhance product quality and production efficiencies, ensuring rigorous standards are maintained from raw material sourcing to product distribution. This strategic leap solidifies New Anthoney’s position in the Sri Lankan poultry industry, enabling them to provide top-tier quality and streamline operations, further driving their growth and success