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Anthoney's - Sri Lanka's first green poultry farm.

We Produce The Greenest Chicken In Sri Lanka

New Anthoney’s are Sri Lanka’s first green certified poultry producer. New Anthoney’s chicken are the greenest and safest chicken to consume, making our product unique among many chicken suppliers in Sri Lanka. With a long-term vision for environmental friendliness and sustainability, we produce more than just the best quality all-natural chicken from Sri Lanka; we offer a lifestyle of shared values that combines healthy eating with social responsibility. 

A plate of chicken wings with tomatoes and lettuce, a delicious and appetizing dish.
No growth hormones or antibiotics used in this image.

Anthoney’s Haritha Hari chicken is Sri Lanka’s only home-grown chicken brand. Haritha stands for a holistic green approach; Hari represents the taste, aroma, freshness, goodness and end-consumer satisfaction and value.

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